Meeting presentations

SAINT Presentation Template online

The SAINT presentation template is online:

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1st SAINT Winter school

Here, you find the presentations from the first SAINT winter school held in Helsingoer in January 2018 (in chronological order):


S. Soula: Development and electrical environment of a thundercloud with supplementary material

U. Ebert: Plasmaphysical modeling of thunderstorms with supplementary material

N. Østgaard: Observations, theory and modeling of TGFs

F. Gordillo-Vázquez: The chemistry of electric discharges and the use of spectral measurements

M. Füllekrug: Lightning and Sprites in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

L. Chaumat: How to create useful data products from lightning measurements from space


J. Phelps & S. Nijdam: Low Cost Lightning Detection Project

A. Luque: Useful concepts in high-performance computing



H.D. Betz & O. van der Velde:  Lightning Mapping Array / High-Speed Camera (UPC)

S. Pédeboy: Insights on characteristics and validation techniques

A. Bennett: Electrostatic detection of lightning and transient luminous events

SAINT Kick-off meeting

Here, you find the overview presentations of the SAINT kick-off meeting from March 2017:

- Consortium Agreement

- Finances

- Management

- Reporting
17 JANUARY 2020